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Drone Photography Jackson MI

Licensed Drone Pilot Jackson MI

The Marketing Machine Co. is a marketing agency, located in Jackson, MI.  We hold a commercial drone pilot’s license, in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration and are skilled in drone photography and videography. Drone photography looks at your business or organization from a unique perspective.  

Below are some of the aerial photos we have taken. Contact us today to begin the conversation regarding your drone photography / videography to market your organization. 

Commercial Drone: Spring Arbor, Michigan, Sunflower Field

Commercial Drone: Concord High School, drive through graduation, Concord, Michigan

Commercial Drone: Summit Township Office, Jackson, Michigan

Commercial Drone: Main Street (M60), Spring Arbor, Michigan

Commercial Drone: Sunset from the Mill Pond, Concord, Michigan

Commercial Drone: Grain Mill, Parma, Michigan

Commercial Drone: Construction on Bridge to I94, Parma, Michigan

Commercial Drone: Main Street, Parma, Michigan

Commercial Drone: Main Street, Concord, Michigan

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Drone Photography Jackson MI

Capturing aerial drone footage for commercial use requires FAA licensing and a thorough understanding of regulated airspace, safety procedures, as well as piloting and camera operating experience. The Marketing Machine Co. ensures your video production will be of the highest quality, safe, and well within the law. Pilot certificate license information is available upon request. The Marketing Machine Co. is licensed under pt. 107 with the FAA.