The 3 Ways To Improve Local SEO For Your Business Or Organization

You might wonder how you can pull in more local traffic by becoming more prominent in search engines. When you search for keywords that coincide with your business,  do you ask yourself, “Why doesn’t my company show up at the top of the search engine results page (SERP)?”

There are a number of reasons that your business might not be ranking, but in this article, we will give you some tips to help you dominate your service area in Google searches. There are three major ranking signals for local search engine optimization (relevance, proximity, and prominence) and improving these will help drive more traffic your way.

1.Set Up Your “Google My Business” Listing

All landscaping companies should utilize the free Google My Business (GMB) tool. This helps put your company on the map so that your clients can easily find you when they search for “xyz company”. You can further optimize your GMB listing by responding to all of your client reviews and updating your posts and photos at least once a week with relevant content.

If you haven’t already claimed your GMB listing, this step by step guide can help you get started. If you are interested in our Local Domination services , schedule a call here.

2.Optimize Your Landscape Website For Local Searches

When designing your website, the best way to locally optimize your site is to use language that your typical client is going to use. You have to really think about what keywords and key phrases your clients might search for when they are looking for your services (ie: no fancy industry jargon).

It’s also important to use localized keywords throughout your site that will help search engines know where your business is located. For example, instead of using the phrase “patio pavers”, you would use the long-tail-keyword “best patio paver company in Ann Arbor”.

3.Connect Through Directories and Local Links

An online citation is any mention of your company that includes your name, phone number, and address. Choosing high-quality directories (sites like Yelp, Service Magic, and Angie’s List) for citations is a must for improving your local SEO. Take care to stay away from low-quality or spammy directories as they can have the opposite effect.

In addition to this, backlinks (actual links to your website included in your listing) greatly improve your search engine rankings. Having your restoration site back linked through other directories help search engines like Google determine that your business is trusted.

These three steps are a great starter guide to help you bring your landscaping company to the front page of google searches. For more information about our in-depth local SEO services, schedule a call with us here.

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