4 Tips To Increase Search Friendly Design

Here are some valuable tips. . . 
1.  Lose the Clutter – While it can be tempting to add every new product and service to your website, it is also important to keep in mind the power of whitespace and the valuable content that it frames.

2.  Create a Visual Hierarchy – Designing a site with calls to action placed prominently, as well as keeping the design layout simple, are recognized items when it comes to visual hierarchy. 

3.  Speed it Up – Site visitors don't like slow sites, and neither do the search engines.  Make sure images and content are optimized for faster loading times. 

4.  Be Responsive – Search engine optimization (SEO) is not only important on the traditional web, but on mobile websites too.  Responsive websites refer to those that are designed to adapt to mobile screen sizes automatically, with minimal pinching or horizontal scrolling. 

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