Commercial Drone Pilot License

Good news! He have just received our commercial drone pilot’s license, which allows us to expand our services to our customers. Capturing aerial drone footage for commercial use requires licensing from the Federal Aviation Administration and a thorough understanding of the regulated airspace, safety procedures, as well as piloting and camera operating experience. 

The Marketing Machine Co. ensures your photography / video production will be of the highest quality, safe and well within the law. Pilot certificate and license information is available upon request. The Marketing Machine Co. is licensed under part 107 with the FAA. Drone photography / videography looks at your business or organization from a unique perspective.

How Can We Help You?

How can we help get your message to your customers during COVID-19?

With each passing day, the global impact of the COVID-19 outbreak continues to bring uncertainty for businesses and communities. With a number of our business clients impacted we are here to lend a hand wherever possible.

The Marketing Machine Co. can help you get your message to your clients through your website or social media. With some of the fastest turn around times in the industry we can help you reach your clients and prospects. 

What do you need to communicate about your business today?

  • Have your hours of operation or staffing levels changed?
  • Have your services changed? – now offering curbside pickup or delivery
  • Do you need to notify the community about precautions your business is taking to keep employees and patrons safe?
  • Is there a particular promotional message you need to share with clients or prospects such as the availability of gift cards that can be purchased and redeemed later?
  • Are you worried that clients will assume your business is not operating during this time?

In situations like this, information is power. As a trusted communication and marketing partner we can easily take some of these responsibilities off your plate so that you can focus on what is important: taking care of yourself, your family, your employees and ensuring that you will be able to return to business as usual when the dust settles.

Please contact us to see how we can help you get your message out to your customers.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 : We Are OPEN!
Finding yourself with extra time on your hands, due to the pandemic restrictions? Now is a good time to review your website needs and contact us. Or, if you have a specific business need that we can assist with, please let us know. We ARE OPEN and are continuing to meet with folks via phone, email and video chat.

Let us manage your social media and digital marketing. At times like these, it is important to stay in touch with your client base to continue to build trust. We have packages available for organic digital marketing and paid advertising. Let us know how we can help.

We’re Excited to Announce That We’re Rebranding!

We’re Excited to Announce That We’re Rebranding!

As a valued client, I want to let you know that as of February 2020, we’re rebranding. As a part of our rebranding strategy our company name will change from Granger Graphic Design to The Marketing Machine Co. This name change is part of our strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of our capabilities, growth, and our commitment to helping our clients in the marketplace.

After some in-depth research, market analysis and talking with some of our clients, we feel the rebranding of Granger Graphic Design will enable us to expand upon our services, accomplish local and global growth objectives and to foster and develop new client relationships. This puts us in the position to be more competitive in the marketplace, and the new name is a better representation of the services we offer to our clients.

What this means for our existing clients is that it’s business as usual. You will continue to receive the SAME EXCELLENT LEVEL OF CARE AND QUALITY OF SERVICE that you have come to experience. And as we launch this exciting next step, we’d like to take the time to thank our loyal clients and business partners for your trust and friendship in business. Without you this would not be possible.

As you notice changes in our branding, graphics and promotions, we would certainly love to connect with you. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts, requests, or compliments. If you enjoy social media, please connect with us. As always, please do not hesitate to call us anytime.

We are grateful for your partnership.


Sarah Granger, MBA

Granger Graphic Design…. Now….The Marketing Machine Co.


Social Media Trends for 2020

December 30, 2019

Woman hand working on laptop in the office.On the table are mobile phones.Web banner.

As the new year approaches, it’s important for businesses to reevaluate and rejuvenate their social media strategies. In 2020, it will be as important as ever to have an engaging strategy on social media that incorporates creative, visual storytelling, influencer marketing and social customer care. Make sure your business is using these social media trends in 2020 to stay ahead of the game and top-of-mind with your customers.

Social media trends in 2020

4 social media trends you should use in 2020.

  • Create purposeful, engaging content
  • Use in-the-moment visual storytelling
  • Practice social media customer care
  • Team up with local advocates and influencers 

1. Create purposeful, engaging content

Storytelling has long been a trend on social, and we’ve all heard that “content is king.” But in 2020, you’ll want to post content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that not only tells a story, but also encourages audience participation, starts conversations and build relationships.

Think about content you’ve posted, (or content from other brands you love). Now, think about the interaction those posts get. What worked? What flopped? What can you do more of or do better on your social media pages that will get your audience engaging with you across platforms? 

On Facebook, post about your newest offerings, deals and developments. It will keep your audience in the loop and will keep them coming back to your page to see what’s new in 2020.

On Instagram, use these social media trends in 2020. Encourage your audience to use a branded hashtag of yours, letting them know if they use it, they could be featured on your profile.

2. Practice social media customer care

Next on our list of our social media trends in 2020 is practicing excellent social media customer care. More and more consumers are turning to social media to review businesses and to get their issues resolved quickly. Your customers are reaching out to you across social media platforms, so be responsive and be there for them. Every mention, comment and wall post that comes in for your business on social media has the power to influence customer opinions of your brand and their likelihood to come by for a visit.

3. Use in-the-moment visual storytelling

Next up for social media trends in 2020: in-the-moment visual storytelling content! Using Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, triggers immediate reaction and can help your brand boost engagement.

So, what can your business share in real-time to start building relationships with your Facebook audience?

4. Team up with local advocates and influencers

You can team up with local advocates and influencers to further your marketing goals and connect with more real people in your community.

Too much promotional content can come across as sales-y and disingenuous, especially to millennials. But, consumers love endorsements from real people. They want to see that consumers like them are enjoying your product and services before giving you a try.

So, how do you pick local advocates and influencers that are right for your business? Your local advocates can be local media or publications. The best influencers can be your very own customers and brand ambassadors a.k.a the biggest fans of your brand. What you need to look for are people or publications with good reach, an authentic following and genuine engagement (consistent likes and comments.)

Key takeaways: Whatever you decide to do with social media trends in 2020, make sure that you’re posting content that is getting genuine engagement. Then, interact with that engagement.

Don’t just post! Start conversations, join existing conversations and build relationships across platforms to further your marketing goals and grow your brand. 

Engage your customers like never before. We help businesses elevate their online presence and social media marketing on the platforms that matter most. Contact us today for more information.




Underground Railroad Launches New Site!

– December 21, 2019 –

Congratulations to Linda Hass & Jackson Michigan Underground Railroad in the recent launch of their new website. We are grateful for the opportunity to come alongside and offer website design solutions to help them create a greater historical awareness for the community and potential tourists.

“I’m blown away by the beauty of the site! You have captured the spirit of it perfectly, combining a lot of information with a sense of wonder. I’m thrilled! You absolutely nailed it. The starry night sky, with the tree and lantern, are a perfect introduction to what follows. ” -Linda Hass

The solution: Granger Graphic Design was delighted to work with Linda Hass and Jackson, Michigan Underground Railroad in the design of their new website. The site is user-friendly and informative for their various audiences. It is mobile responsive and provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience, easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling on mobile devices.

Jackson, Michigan Underground Railroad needed a website presence in order to build a greater awareness of these wonderful historical facts and fascinating landmarks. They now have another means by which the story can be told.

Please contact us for more information about how we can assist you with your website design or digital marketing project.

4 Steps to a Social Media Strategy

-March 2017-

In today’s day in age, many customers and prospects are using social media sites. Many businesses benefit from engaging with them there. But how do you do that appropriately? How do you do that efficiently? What should your strategy be?

Follow these four simple steps to develop a Social Media Strategy that is appropriate for you and the customers you serve.

1. DEFINE YOUR GOALS. What are you trying to accomplish with your social media efforts?
2. DEFINE YOUR METRICS. How will you measure the success of your strategy?
3. DECIDE ON TACTICS. What actions can you routinely take on that help you accomplish your goals?
4. EXECUTE YOUR STRATEGY. Measure and refine.

Dobben Agency Launches New Website

Congratulations to the Dobben Agency LLC in the recent launch of their new website. We are grateful for the opportunity to come alongside and offer marketing expertise to help them serve their customers in financial planning.
The solution: Granger Graphic Design was delighted to work with the Dobben Agency LLC in the design of their new website. Their new site is user-friendly and informative for their existing customers as well as potential customers. It is mobile responsive and provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience, easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling on mobile devices.

The problemDobben Agency LLC needed an updated website presence in order to reach their clients and potential clients and continue to grow their business.

Please contact us for more information about how we can assist you with your website design or digital marketing project.

5 Website Design Tips

– January 2017-

We like to make organized lists to help us organize our thoughts. Here are 5 tips to help improve your website design:

TIP #1: GET THE ATTENTION OF READERS WITH COMMUNICATIVE GRAPHICS. But, be careful to not use too many graphics on a website as you risk overstimulating your visitors.

TIP #2: USE A CONSISTENT THEME. Maintain the same style on all of the pages of your site, so that your visitors will have a good user experience and know what to expect.

TIP #3: INCORPORATE A RESPONSIVE DESIGN. Responsive design means that the website will adapt on format depending on whether the user is viewing the site on desktop or mobile. The site will be optimized accordingly, so to minimize pinching and scrolling on mobile.

TIP #4: USE SIMPLE AND EASY NAVIGATION. Navigation should be easy for all kinds of viewers to use and obvious to  locate. Consider having open navigation rather than collapsible navigation.

TIP #5: YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE EASY TO READ. Keep your website text well-organized, and the character spacing up to an optimum level for better readability. If left a mess, visitors will leave your site.

5 Website Design Tips

10 Things You Need to Do to Drive Traffic to Your Website

10 things you need to do right now to start driving trapping to your websiteYou don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising or an SEO agency to get traffic, you need a few key understandings of how traffic works – combined with these powerful techniques of 10 Things You Need to Do to Drive Traffic to your website.

Your business success really does come down to your website traffic.

Website traffic is the foundation for you to create a community, introduce your products and services, and share your expertise.

So if you’ve been looking for proven ways to drive traffic to your website, here is what you need to do right now:

1) Pinterest – Pin Pin Pin. Pinterest is in itself a search engine and if you want to be found by the millions of users, you need to be sharing your content there. Every time you post a new blog post, new product, or new service – you should pin that to Pinterest.

Make a “Pinnable Image” on every single blog post. A pinnable image is an image that you add to your blog posts that has the title of your blog post on it. This is what you will use to share your blog posts to Pinterest. This is also what other people will use to save your blog posts to Pinterest.

If you want to start driving significant traffic to your website, you have to have this graphic. This can make or break your Pinterest success.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to add your own description to your Pinterest Pins. Use keywords related to your product or article in order to help them more readily appear when someone searches for the content. Pins can also be promoted. Pinterest shows more people the popular pins. So as it starts to get repinned, it will be at the top of search results.

2) SEO Everything – Search engine optimize every blog post, every social media post, every image. Use the keywords you want your website or article to be found from and put them in your titles, in your content, name your images with the keywords and make sure you share those same titles on SEO. This helps keep a congruent string of keywords linking back to your post. This can be a huge boost in search engine traffic.

3) Social Media Bios – This is a hidden gem for traffic. Put your website url in every single social media bio you have. You’ll be amazed at how much traffic this drives to your website.

4) Revive Old Posts – After you write a blog post, you don’t really continue to promote it. You move on and promote your recent articles. Consider promoting some of your old posts from time to time. You will be so happy with the results and traffic you get from sharing your existing content.

5) Keep Content Fresh – Consider having a blog on your website where you can post articles, tips and other relevant content. This will keep readers interested and help them to continue to come back. This will allow them to view you as an expert professional in your subject area.

6) Email Marketing – Emailing your subscribers can drive high quality traffic to your website. You can write your blog posts in the email with a link back to the entire article. Or you can send a roundup of articles you’ve written to encourage and entice readers to visit your website.

7) Facebook Groups – The goal here is not to spam all your Facebook groups with links to your blog. If you’re engaging and networking in Facebook groups and you see an opportunity to share an article you’ve written that can help or provide value to someone – share your post! Make sure you’re allowed to share in that group, many groups have rules in place to keep the groups clean and relevant so double check before you drop your link.

8) Facebook Advertising – Facebook ads are a very popular and effective technique for driving traffic to your website. Even a few dollars a day can make a huge difference. And if you’re getting people to subscribe to your email list, you can use your email marketing to drive these same visitors back to your site.

9) Link to Related Content on Your Website – When you write your posts, be sure to link to other articles you’ve written that are relevant. This gives more value to your readers, helps with SEO, and increases the time people are on your site, conversion rates, and referral traffic.

10) Social Share Buttons – These prompt your readers to share your articles with their social networks. Imagine if every one of your visitors shared some of your content with their network – that would be a HUGE traffic driver! Readers can easily share with a click of a button AND they’re more inclined to share when you prompt them too!


Traffic means more readers, more people seeing your business, more people looking at your products, more people subscribing to your email list, and more people BUYING your products.

One of the biggest mistakes we see website and business owners make is creating a website and then letting it sit NOT focusing on how they’re going to get readers. If you write it – they will not just show up unless you take strategic steps to attract readers to your site. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of hits of traffic to get results online – but you do need a strategy and it stars with high quality traffic.

Do you have a goal in mind? Do you want them to subscribe to your email list? Look at your products? Buy your services?

Traffic is ONE aspect to running a successful business online – having a plan for what to do with that traffic is the next step. You need to have a system in place to convert that traffic into buyers.

[maxbutton id=”1″] for assistance with website design that gets results! We can help you complete these 10 Things You Need to Do to Drive Traffic to your website.

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