Hi there.  Sarah Granger here with The Marketing Machine Co.  In the following video we are going to break down the basics of why your landscape industry business should be running facebook ads.  We’re talking about landscapers, nurseries, garden centers, lawn care, lawn maintenance, sprinkler and irrigation companies, and even landscape equipment suppliers. 

Before you watch this video it is important to know the difference between paid ads and organic posts. Paid facebook ads are ads that you pay for to be served to a specific audience. Organic posts are posts that you post natively on your business page and organic posts are free.

So in this video is important for you to know that we’re not talking about selecting an organic post and boosting it. But rather running paid ad campaigns to a pre-selected target audience that is already interested in your services.

Does your landscape company consistently run facebook ads? If not, here’s why you should. . . 

Alright so here are our thoughts behind why your landscape industry business should run facebook paid ads. And our goal here for running the paid ads is to create brand awareness so that more people know about your business and the services and the products that you offer. So that you can generate leads and ultimately grow your business. 

The first reason why should you advertise on facebook is because advertising on facebook is very affordable.  For example if you were to put out print ads you might spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the publication that you’re using but we happen to know that this last year our statistics tell us that our landscape clients spent an average of seven cents per result that they obtained so we recommend an average of about $15 a day in ad spend um for facebook and of course the more that you spend the broader your reach will be in the greater number of people that will be served your ads.

The second reason you can get immediate results with your facebook ads and it’s literally as soon as you click the publish button those ads go out and you can begin seeing results.  You can begin collecting your leads, you see the impression numbers and the the results of those numbers begin to have their upward trend.

The third reason you can generate specific leads and collect names phone numbers email addresses of real people.  So depending on the kind of ads that you set up if you use the leads ad type then you can have a form or a landing page and get those people their specific names their email and their phone number get them added to your sales funnel.  Get them added to your email list and give them a phone call and see how you can best serve them.

The fourth reason why you should advertise on facebook is you can serve your ads to a customized audience.  So we like this because it wastes less time  and less money by setting up an audience that is most likely to be interested in your business, your product or your service.  So in order to do this you ask yourself who is my customer and then create your custom audience according to those demographics.

I also wanted to show you these statistics. Another reason why you should advertise on facebook is your customers spend most of their time on facebook.  These statistics are pretty crazy: eighty percent of internet users use facebook every day. Facebook has 1.74 billion users on mobile that’s a lot of people, and of that number 1.15 billion is on facebook every day.  So that’s a lot of people that are out there and they are a possibility for your ads to be served.

Another reason that facebook advertising is successful is facebook is the most targeted form of advertisement. You can choose specifically who to have your ad served to.  You choose the geographic location for example you can say I want to target this specific zip code. You can choose the ages of the users say for example folks ages 40 to 65. You can choose any interest in the people might have such as gardening, diy.  You can filter by income and there are a whole lot more options there for you as well.

We have compiled our list of reasons here as to why you should advertise on Facebook.

We hope this tutorial is helpful to you and your landscape business and if you’d like more information or to visit our website you can see that it’s the landscapemarketinggroup.com Thank you.

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