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Did you know that the top three ways your website is located is through 1. Organic Search, 2. Other (Content/Email/Referrals) and 3. Social Media?

Therefore, it is very important to maintain and promote these. Why are these important? Because more traffic results in more leads and more leads result in more sales and more sales result in more income for your business. Let’s be honest, what business doesn’t want more income? More income allows you to do so many things with your business, whether it is growing your business, or improving your business, or rewarding your employees for a job well done. There is always a great reason if not many great reasons to want to continue to improve your business. So, let’s dive into these a little further.

Organic Search is when your website excels at organic search engine optimization.

“Organic SEO is an online marketing strategy made up of smaller sub-strategies, like keyword research and link building, that help your website rank at the top of organic, unpaid search engine results pages.” Organic Search is located through a search engine using a keyword that is also reflected in your website. This method focuses primarily on keywords, so it is of the upmost importance that your website has as many keywords as possible, related to your industry, throughout the entire content of your website, as well as in the headers, footers and any sub text. Another great way to master Organic Search is to be sure to focus on your link building. Why is this so important to your business, you might ask? Organic Search Engine Optimization is really important because sources show that 75% of searchers only look at the first page of a search engine’s results. Therefore, is very important for your business to be listed on that first page, otherwise your business will be missing out on so many sales opportunities.

The next largest source of internet traffic that drives users to your website is through content, emails and referrals. Content is very important to drive traffic to your business website, not only content in general but content that is also current and relevant. In addition to your website’s content, another great way to drive users to your site is to continually generate new and exciting blog posts. Blog posts are also helpful because you can direct traffic from your social media platforms to your website. Emails are important as well. These could very from sending general emails, to newsletter emails, to email campaigns. This is an important way to keep in touch with your customer base, and your potential customer base. Referrals are the other way that users access your website. “Referral traffic describes the people who come to your domain from other sites, without searching for you on Google. When someone visits a link from a social network or website and they end up on another site, tracking systems from Google recognize the visitor as a referral.” These compiled together are the second largest source of traffic to your website.

On Facebook alone, there are 1.82 billion users active every day

The third largest driver of traffic to your business website is Social Media. On Facebook alone, there are 1.82 billion users active every day. Instagram has 500 million active daily users and 2 billion users log into YouTube every month, watching over a billion hours of video every day. With so many active users of these social media platforms, if you are not currently using them to your business’ advantage, you are leaving sales revenue on the table. Not only is it important to have a good social presence across the major social media platforms, it is also important to continually organically post for your business as well as invest in paid ads on social media. When your company does any kind of post, be sure to link back to your website as well. This will help with your referrals to your website, it also helps to create a strong social media profile for your business. “Social media sites are some of the most valuable sources of referral traffic today. Studies show that up to 89% of marketers see social media generating more exposure for their company. Additionally, efforts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more helped to increase traffic for 75% of organizations. Every time you share a piece of content on social media, you have the opportunity to build your follower relationships, improve your SEO and create an opportunity to send referral traffic to your website. To take full advantage of referral traffic through social media, businesses need to engage with their audience and build relationships on each of their networks.” Paid ads on social media platforms are also a great tool if you would like to speed up the process to increase your leads and turn your leads into sales. Because there is such a large amount of users on social media every day, your ads will be seen and responded to, and your cost per lead is usually kept minimal in comparison to other ways of advertising. One of the awesome keys to social media ads, specifically Facebook leads, is that you are able to gather contact information for people who are interested in learning more about your products or services. This can make a huge impact on your conversion rate, because you are able to follow up with specific people who have already expressed their interest. If this sounds good, but you don’t have time, or aren’t sure how to do this, please let us know. This is one of the services we take care of for our clients. 

With these three key areas in implemented, traffic to your company’s website will increase, this results in more leads, and ultimately more sales for your business. We are passionate about helping you and your business thrive! We hope that this has helped give you some insight for things you could do to help your business. If you would like more details about this, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. If this sounds good, but you don’t have time, or aren’t sure how to do this, please let us know. This is one of the services we take care of for our clients, and we would be happy to talk further with you!

Thank you so much for taking the time today to learn with us! Increasing your business’ sales is our passion. We love to help our clients learn how they can take their business to the next level and thrive in their area! We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy celebrating this Holiday Season!

Sarah and Faith

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