– January 2017-

We like to make organized lists to help us organize our thoughts. Here are 5 tips to help improve your website design:

TIP #1: GET THE ATTENTION OF READERS WITH COMMUNICATIVE GRAPHICS. But, be careful to not use too many graphics on a website as you risk overstimulating your visitors.

TIP #2: USE A CONSISTENT THEME. Maintain the same style on all of the pages of your site, so that your visitors will have a good user experience and know what to expect.

TIP #3: INCORPORATE A RESPONSIVE DESIGN. Responsive design means that the website will adapt on format depending on whether the user is viewing the site on desktop or mobile. The site will be optimized accordingly, so to minimize pinching and scrolling on mobile.

TIP #4: USE SIMPLE AND EASY NAVIGATION. Navigation should be easy for all kinds of viewers to use and obvious to  locate. Consider having open navigation rather than collapsible navigation.

TIP #5: YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE EASY TO READ. Keep your website text well-organized, and the character spacing up to an optimum level for better readability. If left a mess, visitors will leave your site.

5 Website Design Tips

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